Think for the future :

some smarts for a young boy, born from her/his families behavioral, every he thinks that he would like to find some nice life as his ideas as well. i claim that i can do for every thing better. based on my better in  my basically knowledge for future with, reading, build many friends overseas, keep contact with nice people. hard work and always be ambitions, serious to take all as a beginning trick to build it well.


Sudently, Many friend from overseas always give spririt for me to get it up raise soon, on conditions in many ways to take it.  Just only biggest mind in my half head that i have to nice future with this life, nor i have to have a nice future for my people, my environment and my country, i always do that with hard working, crying, praying in god. in order that it will growth up as my dreams, then it will be true in fact.


Althought my ideals to take bachelor in germany not establesh yet, whereas i have succeded in interview and with my enought grade in academic in my campus is enought. i have a twice chance and nice chance with my futures for next supposedly. i wanna big as big as the last leader that succeded leading in his life for her citizent. not idealism but ideals is everything when it is implemented in fact.


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