Safety Engineer, apa bisa mengendalikan gejala alam!

ball-and-stick model of CO2: carbon dioxide
Image via Wikipedia

to be safety engineer is not a dream for every teenager to master that dream, just only a nighmare how chernobyl and fukushima explosion of nuclear power plant can be handled by the genius safety engineer, all of this dream just only will keep by hard conducting to understand the nature habitually life in rolling life as naturally which found every decade, lately how is japan thusami, merapi mountain volcano in Indonesia, another Thusami disaster in each of Indonesia island, also in the middle of the earth with japan topografy with every accident will be happened each day even every time it wishes.

focusing to be safety engineer in computer science, this approaching is an art and science in technology development which is researched by all genius people to make life better, near miss, eventually totaly fo reliable in life style today. this engineering metholody is always to be developing, deresearching every time by comparation with old experience in analysis and result of the fact. Internet engineering development today make all the world as a ball, just touching the screen all the another activities life digitally are commonly easy to reach.

in this fact, we will find many problems in indonesia life style, with citizen composition, mountain volcano with complicated nature, the equator line, tropical forest as the great issue to produce fresh air as accumulation of O2 [ 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + photons → C6H12O6 + 6 O2 (or simply carbon dioxide + water + sunlight → glucose + dioxygen) ]. Indonesia is the ciritical issue in the world as source of producing of CO2  [CO2 + H2O is in equilibrium with H2CO3]. because of CO2 producing which is raised up from forest fire, old coal explosion, firing by local nomaden farmer, all these cases effect unstabil flora and fauna neither of life in the world today.

all these issues can be warded by reboitation of critical land, by plantation of the deforestation, deforestion campaign, one people one million trees to plant, all the approaching is gaining for conducting the reduction forest exploration, which finally unstable life in the world, watch the fact below !



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