Stripe to be powerfull,

today, i am going to glad, too much discussing with my engineering father, he tough me much about system engineering, as his professor focusing was mathematical computing, he was a scholar mathematician as the first number in Korea for software reliability, i am happy to be his supervision student in a later couple year, many reference given to me both of basic neither the expert at all, the father explains everything   all the method, function, procedure, cases, process very clear and understandable.

now, i am stripe to be power full to master it all, in this cases all the object and class must gather in one smart data warehousing in our mind; i dont think before, when he give the book and reference and describing the cases, since then he perform his publication perfectly, what explain to me, how….great job, he just only need a few day to finish an international journal as his own, how did he do that???? geleeng2 kepala deh…

as a student, i restore all my mind in the right device, i am believing to day, all everything is possible to do, by seeing the father, now I embark to discover all this believe. i believe in god also i believe with the god creation a genius father to show the best way to catch, oh dear…that is very awesome.

since that moment, i never trash a garbage collection in to the recycle been, but it is reengineering as my failure decision, to support my system getting safety and reliable.  i am sure today is going to  light to my life, i trust striping to be power full is a must of my own.  ….


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